Awaken Your Senses at Sea

Awaken Your Senses at Sea

Welcome to the all-new spa on Norwegian Prima® & Norwegian Viva.®

Come aboard to a place where the ocean meets the healing waters within, the breathtaking Mandara Spa on Norwegian’s new Prima Class. Take time to listen to the tranquil sounds of the two-story, cascading indoor waterfall. Restore your body, as well as your spirit, in the unique charcoal or infrared saunas. Pampering is encouraged through salt baths, hot stones, and unwinding on spacious, heated loungers as you feel the world melt away. Or gaze at the horizon in the new fitness center featuring expansive, 270-degree views from the front of the ship.

The Thermal Suite

Refresh, recharge and rejuvenate in Mandara Spa’s adult-only Thermal Suite. Indulge in the centuries-old sequence of hot and cold therapies, designed for extreme relaxation as well as physical and psychological benefits. Enjoy a full mind and body experience as you alternate between saunas, steam rooms, ice and snow rooms, vitality pools and more. Then gaze at the sea from a heated lounger in the spacious lounge. Available only to those who have purchased a Thermal Suite pass.

Vitality Pool

Slip into warm water and let massaging jets relieve any tension. Take advantage of Thalassotherapy, which harnesses the soothing properties of the sea to reduce soreness, improve skin conditions and boost mood.

Cold Therapy

Time to chill out! Cool off in the refreshing Snow Room, Ice Room or Rain Showers. Cold therapy has been shown to help increase blood circulation, awaken the senses, invigorate the respiratory tract, and strengthen the immune system. Cold exposure can even make hair and nails shinier.


From classic Finnish to detoxifying charcoal to cutting-edge infrared, all of the saunas in the Thermal Suite create relaxation from head to toe. Benefits of heat therapy include everything from pain relief to toxin removal to improved sleep.

Salt Room

Experience the subtle and soothing effects of the salt chamber. Himalayan salt creates a healing oasis akin to ancient natural salt caves. Dry Salt therapy can alleviate health problems, reduce stress, improve skin and help with insomnia.

Steam Room

The aromatic, temperature controlled steam rooms provide the relaxing warmth of plant-essence infused steam. The herbal extracts can help combat stress, clear congestion, improve skin health and even lower blood pressure.

Beyond The Spa


Let your beauty shine through with salon services for men and women. Professional shaves, blowouts, waxing, nail services and more. They proudly feature Kerastase personalized hair treatments to nourish, repair and strengthen your hair.

Fitness & Wellness Center

Every ship features a state-of-the-art fitness center with your favorite workout equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, medicine & fit balls, and free weights. Classes include yoga, Pilates and spinning. They also offer personal training and body composition analysis to understand your body’s inner health.

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